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Thursday, March 17

Drill This

Something that really bugs me about America, the so-called "christian" nation, is the complete and utter disregard for anyone but oneself. As long as there isn't a draft, no one really gives a shit about the war, DU, or the troops. The word sacrifice is anathema to most Americans who revel in driving larger than life vehicles, paying top dollar for fuel, never thinking about how many lives are sacrificed for their gluttonous appetites for gasoline. Why on earth do people need to drive these horrendous vehicles and don't they understand that they are ruining the roads as well? There are weight limits on residential streets which are regularly broken by the resident's own Ford Land Destroyers. Whose big idea was it to give a tax break to SUV owners? Is this country insane? Why yes it is. And those of us who actually give a shit and try to limit our use of fossil fuels - we just make it easier on the gluttons to drag out their ravenous consumption even longer. I feel like a jerk for even giving a shit.

Can you imagine how much cheaper it would be if Americans tried to save oil rather than having to drill up the damn planet looking for more to satisfy the here and now? American's have turned into a collective mental case but it doesn't matter what I say because it's always "La la la la, I can't hear you".

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