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Wednesday, March 23

Don't Give Me That Look!

PB Post (Link)
Gun bill could mean Shoot first, ask later.

"Florida could wind up back in the Wild West, with people shooting first and asking questions later under a proposal that could pass the Senate today, critics of the bill warned."

Yes sirree, we here in Florida are all for preserving life and we'll shoot you to prove it.

Sounds like pretty soon we can shoot at you and if you don't get out of the way of our bullet before it gets to you, too bad. Guess which association is behind and pushing this bullets flying circle-fuck?

"Tell people to be very, very careful out there. ... Don't shrug the wrong way, don't give people the wrong look because it could be considered as threatening."

Ah well, that's going to be difficult. My facial expressions tell you exactly what I'm thinking. Sounds like it's burka time for me.

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