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Wednesday, March 23

DeLay In Play

"High Court Orders Tom DeLay's Feeding Tube Removed" (Link)
(calm down, calm down, it's satire)

Is Tom DeLay Guilty? Who Cares! (Link)
(calm down, more jokey stuff)

And then from Daniel Ruth of the Tampa Tribune.
Tom DeLay Awards Badge Of Honor (Link)
(Get fired up and enjoy!)
You're going to love this! Here's an appetizer from Mr. Ruth's piece. Quoting Delay:
"I don't have a lot of respect for a man who has treated a woman this way," preened the poster child for Ethics Committee investigations. "What kind of man is he?"
Mr. Ruth's take: "Well, for starters, not having the `respect' of some cheesy, opportunistic demagogue who makes Tammany Hall look like the College of Cardinals is really a badge of honor for Michael Schiavo."

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