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Saturday, March 19

De-Evolution of Americans

With media de-regulation came propaganda instead of journalism, came greedy, power hungry megalomaniacs, came more drugs, came worse schools and worse teachers, came the dumbing down of Americans who vote for those who want them to stay dumb so the dumb will vote for them en masse, came "They hate us for our freedoms", came religious fanatics as news commentators, came even dumber Americans who don't understand science or even religion for that matter, came America going back, back, in time to the days of when the earth was thought to be flat, came science as an offensive concept in the 21st fucking century.

"To the honor students, I say congratulations, and to you C students, I say you, too, can be president." -George Bush speaking to Yale graduates and lowering the bar.

I am deeply offended that dumbness has displaced progress. Doesn't my opinion count? What happned to when people expected the president to be smarter than most people?

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