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Tuesday, March 29

Damned if you do and damned if you don't

A prime example and it couldn't have happened to a couple of better guys are the angry Terri Schiavo supporters who are sooooo pissed at jeb and george for not intervening to save Terri while the other angry people think that jeb and george overstepped their bounds by interfering with the judicial branch of the government and are pissed off too.

Who isn't mad at the bush brothers?

You give them a long enough rope and they were bound to hang themselves.

At the moment, the wingers are frantically trying to pull away from this mess. Don't let them. Read Paul Krugman today.
What we need - and we aren't seeing - is a firm stand by moderates against religious extremism. Some people ask, with justification, Where are the Democrats? But an even better question is, Where are the doctors fiercely defending their professional integrity? I think the American Medical Association disapproves of politicians who second-guess medical diagnoses based on video images - but the association's statement on the Schiavo case is so timid that it's hard to be sure.
And write letters. Keep this alive.

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