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Friday, March 25


by pissed off patricia

This seems to be introspective Friday. All over the usual fine sites on the net people are pouring out stuff from their thoughts like cleaning a closet. Let's get it all out there and see what we want to keep and what we want to toss in the trash. Some are tossing it all in the trash. I wonder what they plan to do next. I might try to do a little mental closet cleaning myself. Maybe I will, but I'm kind of tired.

Maybe we're all tired. Maybe we're all so damned tired from the freak show and emotions we've been exposed to this week. Maybe we're all feeling low because we have been reminded too often of our own mortality. People killing people and people being killed and one dead person trying to die for real. We have been told to write down how we want to die. That didn't lead us to a happy place, did it? We have been cluster-willing.

We have seen our government doing things that are so outrageous that we can barely comprehend the reality of the acts. Then there was, like I said, the freak show. The show should have been called, Lives Saved Here, even Dead Lives. When things become incomprehensible it's tough to function. Abnormal and insane events make it way difficult to keep a nice firm grip on reality. You feel your fingers slipping off a little more than ever before. You feel like you're in a maze and you're not even sure there is an exit, so you question if it's even worth going any farther. You know you will, but you question why you're doing it.

We are into a holiday weekend and no one is talking about it. No jokes about Peeps. No jokes about the Easter Bunny "coming". It's all gone and that's sad. We've been robbed. They took it all away this year, and I wonder how long it will be before we get it back. Maybe next year. But this year it's all messed up. The eggs can stay brown or white, who cares? For the first time in my life, I don't.

With part of my closet now cleared out, I've decided I'm too tired to fool with doing the rest. Looks to me like the deeper I go the more crap I find. Maybe I'll just toss it all back in there and leave it. WTF, I'll close the door and forget about it. Man, I sure do wish I could. It would be so much easier if we could all just close the door and forget about it, but let's not, because we can't afford to do that.

Another fine graphic from Earl.

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