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Thursday, March 24


by pissed off patricia

From the NY Times (LINK)

Remember yesterday when Jeb spoke of a new doctor who was now involved in the Schiavo case? This doctor, Dr. Cheshire, had determined that Schiavo had been "misdiagnosed". Well, here's how the doctor is described in the Times today.

"Dr. Cheshire is the director of a laboratory at the Mayo Clinic branch in Jacksonville that deals with unconscious reflexes like digestion, and the director of biotech ethics at the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, a nonprofit group founded by "more than a dozen leading Christian bioethicists," in the words of its Web site."

I am so freakin' surprised that the fine doctor is a member of a "Christian" group. I'm sure you are as well.

(Okay, timeout while I put my pet snark back in her cage.)

If you watched Hardball with Chris Matthews last night you had to enjoy the hell out of that tape of DeLay that Chris played. Then we had Pat Robertson exploding all the hell over the place. He about did a Zell Miller. Of course after that you turned off the TV, because for the gazillionth time, the guy who wrote the book that the chick read to the Atlanta murderer was on. I refuse to even type the name of the book or the author's name because I'm so damned sick of hearing about all of this. Just like so many other things that are happening now, there's something about it that's all weird, sick and just plain stinks!

Those people gathered outside the building where Schiavo now resides remind me of a group of vultures. They are doing nothing more than using her to feed their need for attention. And they sure as hell are getting it, aren't they? They are doing all these choreographed stunts to draw attention to themselves, not to Schiavo. They are opportunistic. What possible good does it do for Schiavo if they get arrested? If they really believed in the power of prayer why wouldn't they be praying instead of walking around with Styrofoam cups of water when they know damned well they aren't going to be allowed inside the building?

If they think all their acts and stunts are going to work to recruit people to become Christians, I would imagine that they are having about as much luck with their recruitment as the US military is with theirs.

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