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Friday, March 18


by pissed off patricia

The old legend of news was, "If it bleeds, it leads". Not any more. Today if it entertains, it leads. Plus, if you can tie religion into the story, it's headline news.

I'm betting that you know the trial results for Scott Peterson and Robert Blake. I'm betting you know that Michael Jackson is on trial. And, I'm definitely betting that you know about the furor over baseball players using steroids.

Do you know how many soldiers were wounded or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan yesterday?

See what I mean? News reporters report what the majority is currently interested in, and right now that interest is in entertainment. People are just plain nosy. The public seems to want to be voyeurs and peep into the window of someone else. I guess they like to watch people being taken down in America, but apparently they don't give a damn about "our troops" and how many of them are being taken down now in Afghanistan and Iraq. I doubt that half of those sporting their little "support our troops" car magnets even realize that we are today still fighting a war in Afghanistan.

They may be aware that there was an election in Iraq, but do they question why we made the voters, in a land so dangerous that they placed their lives at risk just to get to voting places, dip their finger in purple ink after they voted. Why not just pin a target on all who voted? So, they took a life risking chance going to vote, and those that managed to survive that are sent back onto the streets marked for all the world and their enemies to see. Until that ink wore off, these people probably stayed inside quite a bit. Does anyone question anything anymore? Oh yeah, they do question what Michael Jackson did.

The so-called moral majority are like bees at a hive about any event where they feel they can appear morally superior. They fight to save the life of a woman who basically has no life. They jump in on the Atlanta murderer's capture because there was a bible involved and a book written by a so-called minister. Anywhere they can, they slap a religious theme on an event and they believe that will make them holy. Bullshit! Anyone who condones what the US has done in Iraq is not moral and they sure as hell aren't holy!

So, while the citizens of the US keep a vigilant eye toward watching day by day who's on trial, who's on steroids, and which religious group is condemning what today, the soldiers that they support die on, and off the news.

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