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Monday, March 21

Bitchin' Big Time

by pissed off patricia

Don't panic. Don't run out today and get a living will unless you feel that your plug-pulling day might coincide with the anniversary of the beginning of a failing war. If indeed your plug-pulling day should coincide with the anniversary of the US invasion of a country based on lies, a day when Washington would rather change the subject the focus to anything but the war, then yeah, get that will. But, don't expect anyone to respect your wishes, because baby, we might need you for distraction. We might need to screw with your, all but dead body, in some fashion. We might need to show your picture when you are at your worst if it fulfills our needs. We don't give a damn how you look if it meets our needs. We might have to donate your life, liberty and privacy for the cause. We might need to keep you alive to make this country appear to be compassionate. And if you're white and female you will surely fit the need.
Now I ask, has anyone ever heard someone say, "If I'm in a vegetative state I don't care what they have to do, just keep me alive as long as possible?" Neither have I.

Regarding the Schiavo case, bush said, "In cases like this one, where there are serious questions and substantial doubts, our society, our laws and our courts should have a presumption in favor of life."

Whose life? The lives of the 1500 plus soldiers who came home with a flag on their casket? The lives of thousands who have died in Iraq because that was their home? Maybe he means the hundreds who starve to death or the god knows how many who die every day in the US because they cannot afford health care. Maybe he means just Terri Schiavo, because she so fits his need today.

According to the Guardian (click) "Tonight we have given Terri Schiavo all we could - a chance to live," said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas. "After four days of words, the best of them uttered in prayer, Congress has acted and a life may have been saved." If prayer was the answer, why were any further measures necessary? Why not just have a pray-athon.

"If you don't want a decision to be made politically, why in the world do you ask 535 politicians to make it? Does anyone think that this decision will be made without consideration of electoral support or party or ideology? Of course not," said Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass." Barney knows what's up.

Republican supporters said the "Palm Sunday Compromise" seeks to protect the rights of a disabled person. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said, "The law would not affect state assisted suicide laws nor serve as a precedent for future legislation." Bullshit! Laws tend to serve as precedents. But Frist knows that they probably will find something else to distract the attention of the world and America before the third anniversary of our invasion of Iraq.

And finally this from CNN (click), "Courts in Florida have received expert testimony from prominent neurosurgeons and neurologists throughout the country," said Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Fla. "The evidence provided by a standard of clear and convincing evidence is that it is Mrs. Schiavo's wish that she not be allowed to continue in a persistent vegetative state"

"If this bill passes, this Congress is saying that the court system of Florida will lose its long history of jurisdiction in this matter and others like it, and the jurisdiction of the federal court will be substituted," Wexler said."

And so it was.

In the words of George Carlin, "I feel betrayed by three things: religion, my nation and my species."

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