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Saturday, March 5

Are the 10 Commandments the Basis for Our Laws? Part III

Before we go on, I should point out that the Roman Catholic Church has different commandments than the Protestants and the Jews. The Catholic Church left out the second commandment against making graven images. Probably because the Catholics love graven images. So they had to come up with an extra commandment to make it 10 and they made a 9th commandment which isn't part of the Protestant or Hebrew commandments.

We are up to number Commandment 7 which is "thou shalt not commit adultery". If you're Catholic, you would think we were up to "thou shalt not steal", but I'm going with the first set of commandments as written in Exodus 20 which were later smashed by Moses.

This commandment plus the Catholic 9th commandment, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife", should really go together if you are biblically well versed because according to Jesus, leering at a married woman also makes you guilty of adultery. A sin of the heart or thinking about it is just as bad as actually doing it. Not only that, Jesus tells us that if you get divorced and remarry, that you are living in the state of adultery. Once you are married according to JC, you are stuck until death do you part, if you want to get technical about it.

So adultery in the bible consists of actually cheating on one's spouse, thinking about cheating, getting divorced and remarried or getting divorced and having a relationship with someone who isn't your original spouse. Your spouse had better be dead before you even think about a little side show. See why the 9th commandment in Catholicism is redundant?

Anyway, it's legal to get a divorce in the good old USA. As a matter of fact the "Jesus" states have the highest divorce rates per capita in America. I don't know where it's illegal to commit adultery. Might be illegal somewhere, but probably not in it's true biblical meaning. Usually adultery is used as a reason to get a divorce in court. But if you're an innocent spouse who didn't commit adultery but divorced your spouse for adultery, you still can't get remarried if you're a good Christian who lives strictly by the commandments. There is a good chance that this commandment should make most well meaning Christians feel really really guilty. Lev 20:10 recommends that adulterers both be put to death.

Not sure if this commandment applies to homosexuals. I don't think so. Homosexuals aren't even mentioned in the 10 commandments. I would venture to guess that homosexuality isn't as bad as checking out your neighbor's ass as long as both homosexuals are not married to other people.

On a side note, it's hard for men to commit the sin of lust in one's heart in an Arab country where women are not allowed to leave the house unless they are covered up. If America were truly a biblical christian country, divorce should be outlawed unless there are dire circumstances and fashion, co-ed activities, commercials, tv, movies, just about everything should be banned because someone might get an impure thought.

Once again, Commerce trumps Christianity and religiosity in the good old USA.

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