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Monday, March 21

Anthrax Killer Still Free Years Later

Got this email from astute commenter and blog reader, Lalock of Minnesota today:

Here's a preface and exerpt from Bartcop...
Excerpt From Anthrax Killer Still Free Years Later:
"The anthrax false alarm this week served as a reminder that federal authorities George Bush's Justice Department still hasn't caught whoever was the Republicans who were responsible for the all-too-real attacks the attacks on Democrats in 2001 that left five people dead. No arrests have been made and no charges filed in the case and the FBI says they see no recent activity.

"Debra Weierman, spokeswoman for the FBI's Washington field office, disputed that. She said 30 FBI agents and 15 postal inspectors are assigned to the anthrax probe, and subpoenas have been issued.

"The investigation remains intensely active," Weierman lied. "
Bartcop Responds:

"They don't want to put a fellow Republican in jail when he's doing such a good job of scaring the already-scared Democrats into submission.

Bush & Cheney started eating CIPRO BEFORE the anthrax attacks. They knew it was coming, the sons of bitches. "
Lalock puts in 2 cents:
You know, I've been saying this all along...that the guy who did this is a fundy GOP nut-job. Notice how he targeted "pro choice" Dems?

Plus, they only make weapons-grade anthrax in about three places in the hard can it be to catch this guy? The answer is, they don't want him caught because the Repubs would have to admit, "Yes, the types of people that would go so berserk over a woman's right to choose that they would try to murder a liberal are members of OUR PARTY. Read more...
It's nice to be reminded of things I almost forgot about. It certainly was very fishy back in the old anthrax days. Remember it was on the news 24/7 right after 9/11? Yeah, they wanted to keep you scared so we wouldn't think about the lies behind 9/11. Thanks for the heads up Lalock, king of the mole people.

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