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Monday, March 21

And Now a Word from Liberal and Proud

Liberal and Proud is one of the many astute commenters who post here at the blog. Today he sums up a lot of points being made about the government's intervention in the Terri Schiavo case. Of course it all boils down to the hypocrisy of those who purport to have our best interests in mind. Thanks L&P for your commentary:
Since the Congress in its infinite wisdom has decided to politicize what must be a personal decision decided by family and physician and unfortunately if need by the judicial system, I will stick solely with the politics and hypocritical political posturing conducted over the last several days.

"Conservatives" came to power in this government over the last twenty years, by running campaigns based on states' rights, individual rights, the need to "get government off the backs of the people", and that oft repeated and misused word...freedom.

What this same "conservative" Congress is now saying is that it has the power AND the right to interfere DIRECTLY into individual lifes. They have screamed for days about "preserving life". A cheap easy mantra when no regard is given to the the issues, situations and impact of mindless spouting. They scream about "due process". Well, the Ms. Schiavo's situation has been proceeding through the State court system for YEARS. Doctors have provided repeated diagnoses on her condition and her chance for recovery. Suddenly, all the court decisions don't matter. Suddenly, the power of the states for self determination and their right to oversee and adjudicate STATE issues, doesn't matter. Suddenly, the rights of those "recognized BY LAW" as being responsible for making patient decisions due to the patients incapacitation DON'T MATTER.

It is all HYPOCRISY of the highest form EVER EXHIBITED BY THIS CONGRESS. Not an easy trick when you look over some of the legislation of the last four years.

We know the reasons why. I don't need to repeat them. Suffice it to say that AGAIN...whether we are talking about the rights of MAJORITY to determine what they wish to see on TV or read in books, whether we are talking about "government sanctioned" religious images in the public square, and now whether we are talking about PERSONAL issues of life and is a SMALL group in this country that determine the agenda and elicit action on the part of the government. It is a small group that are allowed to determine what MORALLY we should be seeing, reading, hearing, speaking and now how we should be living AND DYING.

This country is in VERY deep trouble. The rights of the PEOPLE are in very deep trouble. The rights to a person having SELF DETERMINATION are in very deep trouble.

Most of all, it is the PRESIDENT who is the final protector of the PEOPLE. He has a responsibility...not to ONE PERSON...but to ALL people. He has a resposibility to RISE ABOVE politics.

It is a dangerous time. What is next? Will someone soon make the argument that some "votes" should carry more weight than others?

Power still resides with the people ultimately. We need to remember that, and use our power and ownership in the government to obtain the government that the nation NEEDS. A government that serves EVERYONE.

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