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Monday, March 21

Add Iceland To Your (Probably Short) List Of Civilized Countries If You're Looking For Another Place To Live

"REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) -- Iceland, the country where Bobby Fischer won the world chess championship a generation ago, granted citizenship to the 62-year-old recluse Monday - a boost to Fischer's efforts to fight deportation from Japan to the United States."
That's the lead sentence of THIS article from the AP. I hope it pisses off the AP to print this story. Pisses them off as much as the story makes me feel good. Iceland, though? Ain't that kinda chilly? 'Course, living in a country which obviously has a progressive government and society, unlike some I could mention, might make up for a cold climate. Gotta get hold of my Green Party buddy Jose Tirado who lives up that way to find out the straight poop on the weather in Iceland.

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