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Monday, February 14

When Parents Throw Their Queer Children Out

Our society is so sick that it sometimes makes me feel helpless and want to run away to an island somewhere and forget everything I ever knew. On the other hand, it empowers me to go out there and point out these ills to anyone who is willing to listen.

Remember Allan Keyes who called Cheney's daughter a hedonist? His own daughter is gay and recently kicked out of the house for her gayness. She is 19. Can't be a hypocrite and have a gay kid around while one is spewing hatred for gays and touting the importance of family values. One thing that lesbians aren't: hedonists. They seem to have more nesting instinct than heterosexual women. But that is besides the point.

When my son was small, idiots asked me what I would do if he turned out gay. I'd usually come up with some good answer. "March with him in a gay pride parade?" "Make sure that he had AIDS education to the max?" "Have the best hair style on the block?" Morons for even asking.

This "family values" crock of bullshit agenda going around the country subverts the family rather than embraces it. Somehow this grew into a movement of people programmed to hate their own children in the name of God. My brain want to explode when I think of families who have cut off their children because of their inherited sexual orientation. Did they think that their own self loathing and latent homosexuality wouldn't be passed on to their offspring? Well yes, they probably were stupid enough to think that.

We've got to shove tolerance education down the throats of Americans at any cost. I'm sure of it now. The ignorant boobs are going to fight it and use God as an excuse but we can't back down now. Parents are putting their own kids out no matter how lovely and gifted they are because of their sexual orientation. Parents are sending their kids off to fight for oil and riches that they will never see. These same people oppose abortion violently. This makes no sense to the sane. The gene pool is tainted with hateful people. I'm just sick about it on this Valentine's Day.

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