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Saturday, February 26

Wal-mart watch

One of our nation's most evil corporations, Wal-mart, whose employees rank among our working poor, reported that sales rose 4% in February. The southeast was the strongest reporting region for food items while the northeast sales were not as strong because of all our snow storms in the past week and we were shopping at the other evil empire, Home Depot.

Speaking of the northeast, particularly the island called "Long" that I live on, Rego Park Developers told Wal-mart to stuff it because their employment practices are not good for the community citing anti-union practices and the negative impact it would have on small businesses in the borough. Cheers for Queens, NY!

I'd like to know how Wal-mart got into my community. What's up with my county? The parking lot there is crowded every single day and this is not a poor neighborhood per se but there are a lot of senior communities nearby and Wal-mart affords them less costly goods and shitty part-time jobs. We are inundated with stores on Long Island. Shopping is our past-time. I know it's hard to resist a stereo for 5 bucks and the food is cheap, but we've got to remain strong and support mom and pop's across America or the fascists will have won. Why do conservatives hate our democracy?

It was also reported that there is a healthy demand for Easter items at the evil empire, because after all, Jesus suffered, died and was buried in order to rise again so that people could eat candy shaped like eggs and bunnies. yum.

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