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Sunday, February 13

Tired of Excuses That Restrict Freedom

I'm so sick of the "this is the 9/11 world" excuse for restricting general freedoms in the country. I think it's a bunch of crap. The fascists are crying wolf a bit too much and it is really getting on my nerves. I don't think they realize that Americans aren't going to stay scared and stupid forever.

Al Hill pointed out an article in Boing-Boing about a photographer being stopped from taking pictures in San Francisco because of a non-existant law. The photographer was lied to about the law! This is typical.

I believe that Mykeru was stopped from taking pictures in DC a while back. I was taking pictures of a musician at a tiny train station on Long Island in March 2003. It was about 2 days before we bombed the shit out of Iraq. He was standing near the tracks with his guitar case. I shot the pics. Trains went by. We moved. All of a sudden we were surrounded by cops who told us that it's illegal to take pictures at train stations. It was state property. I was taking pictures of the cute musician for his website, not the train tracks. Furthermore, the state wouldn't have property if tax payers didn't pay for it. So technically, it was my property too. The cops ran a check on us. We both have blonde hair and light eyes. We are certainly not exotic looking. We don't fit the profile of Arab terrorists. I know it's not PC to single out Arabs, but darn it, leave the American born blondies alone and show us where the laws say that we can't take pictures anymore.

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