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Tuesday, February 1


Woke up this morning. Wondered what to rant about today. Read the comments on the blog for inspiration. Swiped the comments. Here we go.

From Liberal And Proud:
Here's a few tidbits from the Center for American Progress

The quotes are from George Bush's previous State of the Union addresses.

CLAIM: "America is committed to keep dangerous weapons from dangerous regimes."

STATUS: Under Bush's watch, North Korea's nuclear arsenal is thought to have quadrupled. Charles Pritchard, formerly Colin Powell's top official dealing with North Korea, has warned for months that "the White House lacks an effective strategy to dissuade North Korea from building up its nuclear arms." And, according to Pritchard, the situation has deteriorated because "the administration has neither offered much of a carrot nor wielded a stick." [New York Times, 5/7/04]

CLAIM: "The American economy is growing stronger."

STATUS: Job growth over the last 18 months has fallen short of administration predictions by 1,703,000—more than one-third fewer jobs than the president's Council of Economic Advisers said would be created even without the tax cuts. [EPI, 1/05]

CLAIM: "The tax relief you passed is working."

STATUS: The tax cuts have drained resources from domestic programs utilized by middle-class families. The Bush tax cuts for the richest 1 percent of Americans this year alone will cost $148 billion. "That is twice as much as the government will spend on job training, $6.2 billion; college Pell grants, $12 billion; public housing, $6.3 billion; low-income rental subsidies, $19 billion; child care, $4.8 billion; insurance for low-income children, $5.2 billion; low-income energy assistance, $1.8 billion; meals for shut-ins, $180 million; and welfare, $16.9 billion." [UFE, 4/7/04; Detroit News, 9/29/04]

STATUS: Between June 2003 and December 2004, the economy produced 3.1 million fewer jobs than the administration predicted would result after the last round of tax cuts. [, 1/7/05]

CLAIM: "We are providing more funding for our schools."

STATUS: "The bipartisan National Governors Association voted unanimously in 2003 to name No Child Left Behind an 'unfunded mandate,' which means the federal government isn't supplying the money needed to make the law work." [Bloomberg, 1/12/05]

STATUS: For 2005, the administration has requested $9.4 billion less for No Child Left Behind than the bill supposedly ensures. Title I, the program to help poor kids, is underfunded by $7.2 billion, leaving nearly 5 million kids without academic help. [Star-Telegram, 2/26/04]

I KNOW! Let's all SING!!

God Blessss Amer..i..caaaa....laaaand that I loooove...
And oh my, Liberal and Proud is on a roll today. Here's some more....

Could it POSSIBLY be because the don't give a RAT'S ASS about educating EVERYONE, but were simply looking for a tax break. And now that they've gotten a WINDFALL from the last Bush tax cuts, they no longer need to expend political capital on the "voucher" notion?

Could it POSSIBLY be that they don't really care about the education system, because now they have PLENTY OF MONEY to put the kiddies in PRIVATE school?

How did that work out for the middle class? Hmmmmm....

How's that "no child left behind" thing goin? Are your children spending all they're time TESTING and not learning? Have U.S. test scores improved versus the rest of the world over the last four years?

And how's that local school tax workin out? Is it going up and the education level is going down in the public school system?

Oh...I'm sorry...I hate freedom..

Staaaand beside herrrr...and guide herrrrr...thru the night with the light from abovvvee...

He's gooooood today. He's getting me riled up too. I woke up rather calm today and watched craft shows instead of the news. Who needs news when you have this kind of commentary? Here is more from Liberal and Proud....

Conservatism = Aristocracy
From Body and Soul

This sums up I think very succinctly and certainly much more eloquently than I am capable of doing, of what I have been railing and screaming about.

It explains the FUNDAMENTAL reasons why I believe the majority of this nation has been conned.

When it is said that "we are all in this together"...well...that's true to a point. But the fact is that the majority is "in it together"...and what they are "in" is the collective exploitation of the many by the few, the weak by the powerful, the "poor" by the rich, the workers by the owners.

We are turning ourselves over without a fight. We are cutting our own throats and cheering those that would kill us for giving us the opportunity.

We are at a dangerous point in our history. We are at a dangerous point in the evolution of true freedom.

This Administration is not only instituting policies that hurt the majority of us. They are instituting fundamental changes to our system of justice and to our economic and legislative systems that strip us of the powers, RIGHTS and opportunity to ever correct these wrongs in the future.

I'll close this post with Liberal and Proud's most extreme commentary. I know he must be truly frustrated today and I know the feeling. Just wait until my tobacco withdrawal really kicks in... just wait.

Pentagon Says Veterans' Benefits Hurtful to National Security

Enjoy America. Stay in your slumber clutching your American flag with your Battle Hymn of the Republic alarm clock.

Enjoy eating catfood in your retirement, as you find out that the stock market wasn't it was all it was cracked up to be as a retirement fund.

Enjoy not being able to complain because the government decided that you just MIGHT be a terrorist and lock you up with no access to counsel and stick cattle prods on your genitals just for kicks.

Enjoy the Fox Network giving you the fair and unbalanced view of the government.


ACTIONS speak louder than words.

I hope Bush does destroy Social Security. The Middle Class has it coming! For being stupid and voting against its economic interests. They cheered and cheered and waved the flag as George Bush shoved it up their collective asses. I will suffer NO WHINING from them when he moves on and leaves them with nothing but their bleeding sphincters.

Okay then. Bleeding sphincters. Thanks to Liberal and Proud for feeling comfortable enough to express his opinion on our forum this morning. He is off to torture some right wing blogs, but I'm sure he'll be back to add to this and dialogue with you all, the choir.

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