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Monday, February 28

Some Democracy

by blondesense

I lost my breath after reading about our leader blasting his buddy Vladimir for not practicing 'democracy' the American way. I'd like for America to practice democracy the American way too. Do you ever wonder when you are going to snap? I do. The idea of having to wait until it's too late is not good. I don't want to be an "I told you so" when the world goes to hell because of the bushistas. I'd rather that the macho working class red state men who like to shoot things, read the bible literally and drive fast just open a history book and read about the last time fascists tried to take over our country and Europe so that we can get on with our lives and kick the bastards out of DC. Fat chance.

I'd like to know how come the moral values people aren't freaked out over that fake journalist in the WH. He was a gay whore, for biblical abomination's sake. And these morons worry about cartoon characters?

It would be good if the press corps asked the president real questions too. I read a great article at S.Chimp by James Boyne about questions for the president. He poses some great questions for the pres, not that the pres would know what to do with questions since he nevers answers questions. Here's a good one:

"Mr. President, 3 million illegal Mexican immigrants cross our southern border and sneak into America each and every year to settle permanently in our nation. This creates a tremendous strain on our educational system since they bring their children with them; and it creates an enormous financial strain on our health care system since once here they have no means of health care insurance. You say that they fill the need for jobs that Americans won't take. The other side of the coin is that these millions of illegal immigrants also take the lower level, lower paying jobs that many Americans normally use as a safety net when needing a part-time job, a temporary job, a summer job, a job to supplement their Social Security benefits when retired, or a job needed out of desperation at the prospect of not finding meaningful work after being laid off from a high paying job. Many illegal Mexican immigrants fill jobs not only as radish, lettuce, and apple pickers but also as waiters and waitresses, construction workers, sheet rockers, roofers, carpenters helpers, plumbers assistants, apartment and condo maintenance workers, clerical and secretarial help, truck drivers, maids, telemarketers, retail store clerks, and Wal-Mart store associates. There still are 9 million American citizens unemployed and 11 million American citizens classified as "long term unemployed" that have been unable to find work after their unemployment benefits have run out, as you know, Mr. President. My question, Mr. President is this ----if 3 million illegal Mexican immigrants crossing our border every year is good, would 60 million be better? How many is too many? Why do you do nothing to control the flow of immigrants into our country? How could you ever expect to stop terrorist from entering our country at will, when we have an totally open, porous border that you are actually encouraging foreigners to use as an entry point into America?"
Yeah, I'd like to know the answer to that one. Faux News doesn't address these issues. What good is TV news? What would you ask the pres?

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