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Thursday, February 17

Snarky Thursday

by pissed off patricia 

What's up with this, doc?

This really is, mean eye for the sweet wabbit guy. Last night the new image of Bugs Bunny was revealed.  The new Bugs looks evil.  He looks like an X-bunny.  He's going to be a bad ass now.  Elmer Fudd could not be reached for comment.  It is alleged that Elmer may be talking to North Korea about buying weapons to fight this new killer wabbit.

Is it a coincidence that bush has chosen today to finally roll out his new intel czar?  Maybe not.  Might be this wascally wabbit has a new crime-fighting gig.

Halloween and Groundhog Day in Mid February

Yesterday Goss, Rumsfeld, and others jumped out from behind the curtain and yelled, Boo!  Americans saw the shadow of fear and returned to their spider holes for four more years.  Funny how they tell us that we are safer due to the war in Iraq, and then they say we have al Qaeda cells right here in the US.  Ha, even Iraq couldn't brag about that.

Laura's in the House

Laura bush has her very own little mandate.  She asserted herself and fired the white house chef who had been there for eleven years.  Man, we're talking one gutsy woman, huh?  No wonder her favorite little male cheerleader assigned her to bring street gangs under control.  Any woman who can fire a chef can certainly handle street gangs. 

Either we get Stupid or we Loose

The question among the pundits is since Democrats tend to be well educated, how can they appeal to Americans in the red states and middle America?  Hey, I have an idea.  How about we show them how they can be well educated too.  Of course I suppose we could all pretend to be real stupid, but heck, we would lose there too because the Republicans already have a leader of their party who doesn't have to pretend.
in and not a snark

John Negroponte is bush's choice for the US Intelligence Czar.

There are some interesting facts about him here

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