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Thursday, February 10

Question Lady is in the House

by pissed off patricia

Okay, I have questions. If, as it reads on the MSNBC website, "Federal Aviation Administration officials received 52 warnings prior to Sept. 11, 2001, from their own security experts about potential al-Qaida attacks, including some that mentioned airline hijackings or suicide attacks..." WTF happened?

If they knew there were these many warnings, did the white house know? If they did, why didn't Condi, et al, alert to what Dick Clark had told them and start shaking things up? This new revelation sure does fit nice and snug with what Dick Clark said in his book, doesn't it? He and President Clinton told the new administration that the biggest problem they would have to deal with was al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden. If you were told that, and then these warnings started coming in from the FAA security agents, wouldn't you be able to put two and two together? If the FAA's security experts knew, what about the experts at the CIA? Did the FAA share their info with anyone else? Were the FAA security experts the only ones to find this information?

Also from MSNBC's site, "The commission report, written last August, said five security warnings mentioned al-Qaida’s training for hijackings and two reports concerned suicide operations not connected to aviation." Remember Condi testified something to the effect that they never could have imagined terrorists flying planes into building. What real difference would it make what they would fly planes into? This was going to be bad no matter what. Remember the military had a drill involving a plane flying into the Pentagon. So the idea of al-Qaida flying planes into buildings wasn't such a stretch. Perhaps with all these warnings it would have been wise to take some serious precautions BEFORE it happened, instead of afterwards.

And finally from MSNBC, " Al Felzenberg, former spokesman for the 9/11 commission, which went out of business last summer, said the government had not completed review of the report for declassification purposes until recently." Hmm, how recent would that be? I'm guessing sometime AFTER, Nov.2, 2004.

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