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Monday, February 21

President's day rant

by blondesense

Who remembers when Feb 12 was Lincoln's Birthday and the teachers used to hand out an outline of Lincoln for kids to color? Who remembers when Washington's Birthday was February 22nd and you had to color a profile of Washington and maybe a picture of a young man holding an axe? I wasn't paying attention when it all became one holiday. I was still working in the bank when there were 2 separate holidays. Of course I didn't mind 2 paid days off in February.

The kids in NY have this upcoming week off. Why? This vacation week was started during the time when there was an oil crisis. It was assumed if the schools all closed for one week every winter than a zillion barrels of oil would be saved. Now that everyone in the northeast drives an SUV with a DVD player, it seems rather stupid to pretend to save fuel, but the reason for the week off has been lost anyway. Now it's ski week for the wealthy and annoyance week for working parents who have to figure out what to do with the kids.

When's Clinton's birthday? We should have a national holiday for that and have the kids color a picture of him holding a cigar. That would really rile Jerry Falwell. Maybe it would give him a heart attack.

This article was posted on on last sunday. I missed it. There is something sooooo wrong with this story. Reservist with 11 children headed to Iraq Does anyone in the media feel responsible for this dolt's decision?

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