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Tuesday, February 22

The Pig's  Act Didn't Fly

by pissed off patricia

They carefully applied some lipstick to the pig to make it appear to be smiling and then for good measure they placed a Peace Rose over its ear.  They stepped back and looked at the finished product.  They assured themselves that the pig looked pretty good.  The pig was ready for the show.

Then they crated the smiling pig, along with some other similarly adorned pigs, and shipped them off to Brussels.

When the time came, the lipsticked pig walked before the audience to show itself and its new look to the world.  As the pig danced and pranced, the lipstick began first to smear all over the pigs face and then it faded away completely.  The rose began to wilt during the performance and soon fell from the pig's ear and onto the floor.  The pig continued to dance, and as it did, it danced right over the rose and tore it to shreds.  The pig didn't seem to care that it had lost its makeup and now was seen for what it truly was, a pig. 

Those in the audience whispered to one another about what they observed.  They began to fear the intentions of the pig and wondered why it felt the necessity to disguise itself.  The pig paid them no mind and continued his act.  Many of those back home who had created the new look for the pig refused to acknowledge that anything was wrong, because to them the pig had always been beautiful.  The only reason they had given it the smile and the rose was because they thought it would be easier for the pig to sell its act to the world.

When the pig's performance was over, it walked into the audience with all its security pigs surrounding it.  No other pig seemed to feel the need for such security.  But, the pig who came to town wearing an artificial lipstick smile and only a reminder of peace, knew deep inside that there was a chance it hadn't fooled anyone and it might need protection from those in the audience who saw it for what it really was, a pig with no smile and no desire for any notion of peace.  

This was the same pig it had always been, and it wondered why it had even needed a smile or a rose.  The pig thought its act was that good.



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