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Wednesday, February 16

New that makes you shake your head in amazement

I can't even begin to list the ridiculousness of the latest GLBT news.

It turns out that the suicide rate among GLBT folks is two to three times higher than heterosexuals. I hope that gays understand that sane heterosexual people are on their side and also being marginalized by their insane families and the federal government.

Ironically, the same federal government that is steering even more hatred towards GLBT folks has a branch called Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that is proposing a conference on suicide prevention for GLBT's.

On the suicide prevention program is a talk that was titled "Suicide Prevention Among Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Individuals." But the SAMHSA folks said, "Oh no, you can't use those 4 words, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered" in the title of the talk. It's not PC and is offensive... even though that is what the session is about. Can you fucking believe this? What century did we go back in time to 5 years ago? I ask you.

They came up with alternatives like "sexual orientation" but that is stupid because everyone has a sexual orientation and this talk does not include slave state dad's who like to have sex with their daughters while mom drinks in the kitchen wringing her hands. They decided to call gays "vulnerable populations" because that is not "offensive". Oh no, gay people won't be offended if they are called vulnerable populations because the federal prudes can't even bring themselves to write the words 'gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered' even though a great deal of people in federal agencies would fit in this category and they are the biggest bunch of hypocrite assholes on earth. excuse my french. I'm not sure how they plan to market this conference without explaining who the vulnerable population is. Will they have to whisper under their breath? "They're queers but don't say anything. Don't tell them I told you."

Apparently because this program is federally funded SAMHSA doesn't want to offend tax payers who hate GLBT people. We must protect the most hateful of our society at all costs, you know. They are the religious people and have god on their side.

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