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Wednesday, February 23

More absurdity

Liberal and Proud found this gem:

An artist, Ed Stross, is being prosecuted in Detroit for a mural he painted on the outside of his studio.
"City officials say they gave the 43-year-old artist permission to paint on the wall but explicitly told him he couldn't use letters or paint genitalia."
The mural depicts Eve with breasts and the word 'Love'. uh oh. The L word. It's a take on Michaelangelo's "The Creation of Man". The judge put Stross on probation, ordered him to pay a fine and take the word 'Love' and the breasts off the mural. The artist also faces a 30 day jail sentence! The artist plans to argue that breasts are not genitalia. heh. The artist obviously forgot about the horrendous 'Nipplegate' tragedy at last year's Super Bowl. And gosh, the word LOVE sounds so commie and 60's, doesn't it?

It gets better. His lawyer is Carl Marlinga, who is awaiting trial on charges of campaign finance violations. I'm sure the judge will be happy to see him in court too.
Marlinga, who was county prosecutor for 20 years, resigned last year after he was indicted, and has returned to private practice. He has pleaded innocent and his trial is scheduled for later this year.

"This artist has had kind of a running feud with the Roseville City Council," Marlinga said Friday. "Much of that time period I was the prosecutor, so I was always aware of his tendency to push the envelope and drive everyone a little crazy."
"a little crazy" is an understatement for sure.

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