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Tuesday, February 22

Moral people view Shrek2 as a problem

I wonder just how much Focus on the Family people and the Traditional Values Coalition people were beaten as children? Probably a lot and probably for just trying to be who they are. Sometimes children who were beaten grow up and have their own kids and beat the hell out of them too. Others grow up and start "values" groups which serve only to be a cog in the wheel of progress and the bane of existence to others as some sort of revenge for not being allowed to be human as children. Others grow up like me ... total pacifist (riddled with guilt).

The Traditional Values Coalition sees Shrek2 as a problem
. There were some gender issues in that movie.
Shrek 2 "featured a male-to-female trans- gendered bartender whose voice is that of talk show host Larry King. The bartender had 5 o'clock shadow but was clearly shown to be a woman wearing a dress. In addition, Shrek 2 revealed that Pinocchio is actually a secret cross- dresser who wears women's underwear.
At the end of the movie during a dance sequence, the transgendered bartender jumps on Prince Charming and both tumble to the ground. In addition, Prince Charming is voiced by openly homosexual actor Rupert Everett and his mother, the Fairy God Mother, is voiced by openly homosexual actress Jennifer Saunders. Prince Charming is shown to be effeminate in the film."
Oh god forbid. An effeminate man. God forbid we see in a movie such stuff that we see in real life. Gender issues have always played a part in entertainment. It's not a Jewish, gay, Hollywood phenomena like the falwell's of the world say. It's just people. Why are people so hung up on this gay and transgender thing lately? It's always been in entertainment. What kind of relationship did Gilligan have with the Skipper anyway? What about Mickey Mouse? Did people not used to howl when Milton Berle dressed up as a woman? Gimme a break.

These Traditional Values people believe that sexual identity problems should not be tolerated. You can read their big hissy fit here. I don't see what is wrong with allowing people to be who they are as long as they are not predatory perverts, dangers to society, murderers, etc. We'd probably have a lot less mental illness in the world if people didn't have to live secret lives.

My mom would NOT let me watch the Donna Reed Show or any shows like that when I was growing up. I liked that show but she wouldn't let us watch any of those happy family shows. She said that they were all fake and that no one lived like that. No sane women happily cooked, cleaned and dealt with family problems while perfectly coifed. Furthermore, she stated that it was a crime to show a woman in a dress, stockings and pumps vacuuming or mopping floors. How's that for a progressive dictator?

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