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Tuesday, February 22

losing my joe-mentum

While I was working yesterday I had the TV on and someone turned on CNN. Not me. I heard in the background that bush was dining with Jacques Chirac. I get so embarrassed for our country when bush refers to world leaders by their first name. That is a deliberate insult. Then again it could mean that he was never taught any manners. "Every time I meet with Jacques, I get good advice," said president bimbo. He's also looking forward to meeting his old pal Vladmir this week. How come bush is schmoozing with Europeans? Did he threaten to nuke them too if they didn't comply with US imperialism freedom spreading?

Over at Yahoo this morning I read that The US Army can't meet its goals for recruitment. I simply cannot understand why so few young people are interested in an exciting military career.

I'm glad that Wolf Blitzer is the Buzzflash hypocrite of the week. Wolf "Shall I call you Jeff or Jim" Blitzer is the king of soft ball questions when it comes to protecting the bushistas. What does CNN see in him? They should hire me. I would have asked him if he is indeed the gay version of Fred Garvin and did he model himself after Dan Akroyd's SNL character. Fred Garvin didn't have the benefit of the internet as Guckert/Gannon did for his business so he had to pose for his "janes" when he got there. Ironically, Dan Akroyd also reported fake news. Hmmm.

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