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Friday, February 25

It was a Hell of a Party!

I was in here early this morning cleaning up the place. I recycled all the empty bottles. Wow, you guys made a hell of a mess. The floor was sticky and well, I won't mention what I found under the table. Oh, is someone missing an article of intimate apparel? I found one and there's also this lacy black thong too. Speaking of lost and found, did anyone find an article of intimate apparel with the word "Thursday" on it? If so just email it to me and I'll get it to it's rightful owner, I know her.

Who thought it was a good idea to remove the lampshade from the lamp? Did you actually wear it on your head?

I'm most curious who left their phone number written on the wall. You know, the one with the message that said, "I'm cheap and I'm easy". Then someone added, "he really is."

On, it's okay! Impromptu parties are the best of all. But next time please be sure that everyone goes home before you lock the doors. I found something that looked like a heretik sleeping by the frig this morning. When I woke him up he said he needed to "get back to work", and he rushed out the door.

Yeah, even with all the mess it was fun! Come back anytime and we'll do it again. The nicest part of a cyber-party is you can attend in your jammies and you don't have to drive home afterwards, plus no one sees you when you get so drunk you fall asleep on your keyboard and roll off onto the floor.

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