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Tuesday, February 15

"I have never seen this level of corruption and cronyism." said William Hartung, representing Rep. Waxman.

Whistleblowers Detail Corruption and Fraud at Halliburton during Senate Hearing hearing

This is about the Senate Hearing that I mentioned yesterday in a comment. I'll warn you, if your blood boils easily, this might not be the article for you to read. It details some of the contract waste, fraud and corruption that has taken place during this war. Just reading this will make you want to bitch slap the whole damned administration. Republicans were invited to the hearing but they decided not to show up. Why?

"Senator Durbin hit the nail on the head: "Why are we here on Capitol hill, if it’s not to serve as an oversight of these activities. Historically Congress has done that." During WWII a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress launched the Truman Committee and uncovered the truth. "And yet we find with a Republican President and a Republican Congress, no Republican is willing to step forward and ask the hard questions. Why? How can we explain this? I don’t think there is an explanation."

And to everyone sporting the magnet on the rear end of your SUV, proclaiming that you "Support our Troops......"

"Representing Rep. Waxman, William Hartung said that this corruption is also harming our troops. They don’t have the supplies they need while money is being wasted through this corruption."

Go outside, rip that silly-shit magnet off your car and then write a letter to every damned Republican member of Congress and tell them to stop this shit. Stop handing our money over to bandits and thieves and let's get down to the serious business of doing something about these crimes and criminals

There is also a link at the bottom of the page so you can watch the entire Hearing, if you dare. I saw it live yesterday and I'm still fuming.

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