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Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!

from pissed off patricia

Today is such a fun day if you have a sweetheart and I believe everyone does. Your sweetheart doesn't have to be a human being. It can be whatever you love. Your cat, dog, bird, plants, etc. all qualify because you love them.

I love all my sweethearts who share my life and home with me, and you know what? I believe they all love me too. Don't bother arguing with me and telling me that cats and dogs can't be sweethearts, because I believe this with all my heart, and hearts are difficult to change.

How do you know when you're in love? I know when I'm in love when I'm willing to put someone else or something else before myself. Yep, that's how I know. Like on a thirty-eight degree morning when I wrap up and go outside to feed the little stray cats in the woods. Like on a similar morning when I stand outside with my little dog, Murphy, and wait until he does what little dogs do when you take them outside. I shiver and I shiver and I watch as he sniffs and smells the entire yard. I love him that much. I will be cold to tend to his needs and the needs of the little stray cats in the woods. As for my human sweetheart, I would give my life for him.

Love makes you smile. Love takes some pain away. Love is just the most wonderful feeling in the world. Some would say that everyday should be Valentine's Day, and I might agree, but isn't it nice to have this special day to celebrate the love you share all the other days?

Speaking of little dogs, and let's include all dogs. Tonight is a fun night for all dog lovers. The Westminster Dog Show begins tonight. When the non-sporting breeds parade around the ring, Murphy and I will be cheering for the bichon frise and booing all the others. If the poodle wins again we'll sure cuss and we'll fuss, but it's all just in fun.

If you tuned in today to hear me bitch and moan about the Iraq election results, the bomb in Lebanon, the budget bomb that will be dropped around the time of the next US presidential election, well sorry, not today. Today is just too sweet a day for me to get angry. I can't do it. Instead today I'm a big old love sap.

I awoke this morning at five o'clock to find my sweetheart in the kitchen cleaning up last night's cocktail glasses and bringing the kitchen back to its tidy self. He had already fed the pets and taken Murphy out. These are routinely my morning chores. I can tell you he would have much, much rather have been snuggled in the bed and sleeping, but he did this for me. I know he loves me, because I know how much he likes to sleep and what he did this morning he did just for me. What a nice way to begin this day.

When I see the sweet little red alabaster heart that he gave me as he asked, "Will you be my Valentine?”, I cannot help but smile. This is the same man who puts up with my quirks and my faults. God knows, there's a stack of each. He puts up with my soft heart and small brain. He knows that for some reason I cry when I see cute little puppies and kittens. He knows that I'm probably more nuts than he would want to admit. He knows that often times words come out of my mouth that have never been sifted through the sieve of my better judgment. I guess he figures it's all just part of who I am, and for some reason he loves me anyway. He is just the very best, and it's so wonderful and so easy to call him my sweetheart, especially today.

Yep, sweethearts can be anyone or anything. And the sweetest sweethearts of all are the ones you call your own.

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