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Friday, February 25

From the "it's about time" files

Wal-mart pays its employees such low wages that they still qualify for welfare in Montana. It turns out, according to the Independent Record in Helena, Montana, that tax payers end up paying Wal-mart employees the difference between their Wal-mart salary and a living wage. oF course you and I know that this how it was planned by the corporate pigs. But there is a new bill that would impose a gross proceeds tax on "big box" companies such as Wal-mart.
"Wal-Mart had net income of $7.1 billion last year and paid its chief executive officer $12.4 million a year or $5,980 an hour. But the average Wal-Mart worker, he said, is paid $13,694 annually for 32 hours of work weekly and has to wait two years to be eligible for insurance."
This totally sucks. People who work should make enough to live on at the very least. It's no wonder that some people milk the system. What's the incentive to work if you're going to be poor anyway? We'd sure have a lot less crime in this country if people could manage to live on what they earn.

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