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Wednesday, February 16

Fool me once, you're an asshole

The US again is not listening to the IAEA (UN weapons inspectors). Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said recent evidence does not substantiate claims that Iran is working toward a nuclear bomb. This goes against what the US wants to hear. These bastards tried to say the same thing about Iraq but we invaded Iraq anyway to show them... that they were right. oops.

Nothing new has been discovered in Iran in the past 6 months according to the Washington Post article. The US isn't too keen on using diplomacy with Iran as the Europeans are proposing. Perhaps they don't want to get suckered in to another coalition of the willing fiasco. In my opinion it is because plans are already in the works to blow up Iran. I am also surprised that the US hasn't released reports to the MSM that ElBaradei is a gay child molester. I suppose that will be in tomorrow's headline.

Meanwhile North Korea, feeling left out, has announced yet again that they have nuclear weapons. ElBaradei suggests that we talk to them but the US is more concerned about Iran.

Speaking of nukular....As a side note, sukabi, at All Spin Zone points out that the same picture of a nuke sight is being shown on CNN for Iran, Iraq and North Korea. It's as if the 3 countries built identical plants. Amazing.

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