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Monday, February 14

Fight Fire With Fire

I was just reading Richard's great article at All Spin Zone about the Mainstream Media being part of the big problem in the country. He then mentioned hearing the Dean scream on the news when they reporting his position as the head of the DNC. The scream is not news anymore.

Here's my idea. Gather the phone numbers of all the media you watch, listen to or read. Keep it handy. When you hear the Dean scream or read about it, call them at once and complain. Demand that they play Condi stating the title of the August 6th PDB or something.

I am convinced that the Dean scream replay was a conspiracy during the Democratic primaries to put Kerry in the lead as Dean was too dangerous. He still is. The political Dems are just as afraid of him as the Republicans as Dean actually cares more about people than corporations. He's a doctor. Not an MBA. The Democratic party needs reform. Dean is probably the person who can save it if the media doesn't subvert the cause. We must be vocal when the media attempts to vilify him. Please do this. Tell everyone to fight fire with fire.

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