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Saturday, February 12

Do you think gay men would embrace bush if he came out?

Nah. He belongs in a category of his own.

Thanks to All Hill in the comments section for this morning's links to articles of interest.

Stirring the White House Honey Pot. You have to read this whether you're gay or straight. The comments section there offers more information.

None of this will surprise most of our readers here because we have already figured out that the more self righteous one is, especially in Republican politics, the more kinky and perverted they are. They're real good at projecting too. I have nothing against kinkiness but I don't like perverts. They are the ones who pretend to be better than everyone else.

Now this is strange. Al gives us a link to Shlonkom Bakazay, with some really scary sordid shit happening between a church and the military down south. Just go and look at the pictures if you have a fast connection or have a cup of something while the page is loading.This stuff at Shlonkom Bakazay reminds me of the KKK, the mafia, the Nazi's and the young republicans. Sometimes I wonder if it was a good thing that I woke up.

You think you are just suffering from paranoia when you suspect that the government is the link to drugs in this country, that religion is a front for subversive activities and that all in power are out to deceive the masses. Then you read the whole newspaper with a critical eye, talk to others who are reading with a critical eye and realize that the insane were the sane ones all along.

And of course there's more on the impending draft from Rolling Stone. With the army desperate for recruits, should college students be packing their bags for Canada?
Why hell yes. I'm not sure that it's been all that easy to recruit young men into the service after this cluster fuck from hell in Iraq. You must be pretty desperate and desperately misinformed if you enlist now. If you know anyone desperate enough to want to enlist, save them. If they give a war and nobody wants to fight in it cause they are in Canada... well you know.

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