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Friday, February 11

The Celebration We Can't Celebrate

by pissed off patricia

There will be a very big celebration next Wednesday, but we aren't going to the party. We can't celebrate, but we can cry. See, next Wednesday large countries and small countries will have something to be proud of and brag about. They will be the proud signers of the Kyoto Treaty. That's the day the treaty goes into effect. One hundred forty-one countries have come together with a desire to preserve and defend the environment. Bush has decided that uniting hits the wall when it comes to joining the rest of the world in this endeavor.

Three industrial countries will have nothing to celebrate. Neither Australia, nor Monaco, nor the United States are allowed at the party because these three countries said no to the treaty and no to a healthy environment. The US apparently feels that industry's money trumps the dire consequences of global warming.

Will the Kyoto Treaty end global warming? No, but it's a beginning and that's how any journey begins. Bush refuses to admit the journey is necessary. Many, even in the face of mountains of evidence, believe global warming to be some sort of hoax or myth. There is such proof that one must wonder why would anyone believe this to be a hoax or myth. The answer is simple. They don't want to face the changes that would be required to turn things around. Industry would rather destroy than preserve. Good luck Mr. Industrialist. All the money in the world will not shield you from the changes that are occurring in our atmosphere. You aren't exempt.

What a waste this is for the United States. It would make such an amazing statement if the country who espouses liberty and freedom for all also joined with the world to show that we recognize that without joint effort regarding the future of the world's environment, liberty and freedom will not be needed. The US owes it to the world and to its citizens to sign the Kyoto Treaty. As if we didn't already look like jerks to the rest of the world, now once again we're proving them to be correct. That has to make you sad. All these other 141 countries coming together and agreeing that global warming is a threat, yet the United States doesn't accept the scientific data. This isn't mystic science. It's true science. Why would any country refuse to do what it can to preserve life for all countries?

So next Wednesday when countries around the world are celebrating their unity in trying to reverse the atmospheric damages we have all had a hand in, we will not. The only thing our country can brag about is being the biggest polluter on the globe. Perhaps we can also celebrate being responsible for producing about one quarter of the world's greenhouse gases.

No, next Wednesday we have nothing to be proud of and surely nothing to celebrate. Due to the insane decisions made by our president, we aren't invited to the party.

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