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Wednesday, February 23

Bush tried pot and so will I

Bush is exaggerating

It's not even that big.
But I digress.


In those secret tapes that were published, bush revealed:
“Do you want your little kid to say: ‘Hey daddy, President Bush tried marijuana, I think I will?'” ... That’s the message we’ve been sending out. I wouldn’t answer the marijuana question.”

“... It doesn’t matter if it’s LSD, cocaine, pot, any of those things, because if I answer one, then there will be another one. And I just am not going to answer those questions. And it may cost me the election.”

"What you need to say time and time again is not talk about the details of your transgressions but talk about what I have learned. I've sinned and I've learned."

Wow, he must have been some fun at parties, eh?

Bill Clinton should have used those excuses regarding his blow jobs. "I will not talk of my transgressions. I've sinned and I've learned."

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