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Monday, February 28


by pissed off patricia

Mental Derailment

Sometimes it seems as though I’m just about ten crossties short of a mental train wreck. That was yesterday. All the lights were blinking and it was up to me to avoid the collision. I was driving the train and I had to do something to stop what I could see was about to happen. I was so close that I seemed to already be able to feel the jolt. It seemed as though the perfect storm of emotions was occurring. The frustration of world events, the shock of death swooping in so close, and the time of loneliness that could not be expressed.

I needed to change tracks and quickly. I tried to watch the Oscars, but to be blunt, I discovered I didn't give a shit who won or why. As an adult I have never been a fan of movies. Once in awhile there will be one that catches my attention but that's a rare occurrence. It was one of those nights when nothing seemed to allow me to concentrate on anything for more than about four seconds. After that four seconds had passed I could once again hear the warning signals and see the flashing lights. Around three o'clock I dozed off and slept until five this morning. I got up feeling that maybe I had avoided the mental crash. Then I read an email that I had received sometime during the night and it wasn't good news. Oh shit, the damned flashing lights are back, and the silence is so loud I can't hear anything. Once again, the mental train wreck looms ahead, and it's going to take a lot of work to turn this thing around. To quote commenter, Anntichrist S. Coulter, " life has a shitty way of broad-siding you with fucked-up shit, doesn't it?" Yes, Anntichrist S. Coulter, it surely does.

And then there's this. A hundred people were killed in Iraq last night or yesterday or whenever the hell it was. One hundred more free dead souls, and for what? When do you classify what is happening in Iraq as a civil war? I thought they said if we pulled our military out of Iraq there could well be a civil war and that's why we had to stay. How many more or how many less would have died in the past twenty-four hours if we had brought all of our soldiers home? When is enough, enough? When does someone admit that the US has royally fucked the dog? What's the cut-off number? Is this what a victory looks like? The Iraqis may have voted but maybe they were hoodwinked into thinking they could save their lives with their vote.

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