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Friday, February 25


by pissed off patricia

Here are some quotes taken randomly from the transcripts of a June 18, 2001 meeting between Bush and Putin. The first two make me laugh because, well, you'll see. The rest I put together just for fun. I found all these at

Putin - "In this regard, as they say in cases like this, reality was a lot bigger than expectations, because this was not only a confidential discussion, but extremely and all the way to more than what you could expect from frankness, because President Bush, as a person who has studied history, proposed a very global, wide-scale approach and view to history."

Bush - "The president is a history major, and so am I. And we remember the old history. It's time to write new history in a positive and constructive way."

History major? Bush? Who knew?

These are random and totally out of context, but they worked for me. What's going on here?

Bush - "These will be fruitful discussions, and I believe what people will see is a joint strategy."

Putin - "In this regard, as they say in cases like this, reality was a lot bigger than expectations...."

Putin - "Yes, I'm going to lay it out for you."

Putin - "Look, here it is."

Bush - "It's much bigger than that."

Bush - " Everybody is trying to read body language."

Bush - "And I believe that the people who watch carefully our relationship will see that it grows and emerges."

Bush - " And from that basis, we can begin a very fruitful relationship."

Now we move forward to this week.

When asked if he would invite Chirac to his ranch, bush responded, "I need a good cowboy."

I guess it didn't work out these past four years between he and Putin. Now he wants to try a French cowboy.

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