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Thursday, February 24


by pissed off patricia

Death is Also in the Eye of the Beholder

We were told the military couldn't and didn't keep a tally of how many innocent Iraqis (collateral damage) were killed when we were doing the killing, but now that the "insurgents" are doing the killing, we know within minutes how many Iraqis are killed after every roadside bomb explodes and after every suicide bomber strikes. Most times we are told how many Iraqis were killed before we hear the death toll of American soldiers.

US killing Iraqis.......good

Insurgents killing Iraqis.....bad

Or so they would like us to believe.

On sort of the same insane thought wave, why is the lunatic far right working so hard to keep Terri Schiavo alive while being so delighted to send our soldiers to die in Iraq?

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