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Saturday, February 19


by pissed off patricia

 CPAC Honors Swift Boat Vets   
Read it and hurl.

Yeah, you read it correctly.  The Conservative Political Action Conference honored and gave an award to the Swift Boat Boys. 

"We thought this sort of example of citizens stepping forward under adverse conditions should be recognized," Lessner added. "They are impressive." Former Georgia Sen. Zell Miller will present the "Courage Under Fire" award to Adm. Roy Hoffman (Ret.), founder and chairman of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, at CPAC's annual Ronald Reagan banquet in Washington, D.C.

I read that as saying that lying is an admirable trait and one that is rewarded by the party of Jesus and George.  Hey, what the hell is a sin amongst the sinners?  Apparently it's a damned good thing!  Why don't they tell it like it really is, the freakin' false ad campaign that bought bush the election.  The Fraud Award.  

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