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Wednesday, February 16


by pissed off patricia

Ah, Dr. Frankenstein, you might want to step into the lab and take a look at this.

That's the way it seems in the world today. We are in the midst of performing an experiment and it seems we too are creating something that has the potential to be very frightening. Was that taken into consideration before we began? What will be the outcome? Are we proving that we can be successful or that we can't?

While fighting in Afghanistan, we added in a part from the war in a Iraq and now we may by adding in parts of a war in Iran or Syria or maybe both. With this many bad parts coming together we seem to be well on our way to creating a monster. If we do successfully create the monster of all monsters, what do we do with it?

Once the monster rises from the table in the laboratory and leaves the facility, we no longer control him. Will he torment the world or will he turn on those of us who created his awful being. Will we try to appease him by lauding his praises? Will we be blind to his awful features and instead pretend to admire his appearance? Will we deny his dangerous presence and ironically name him Peace?

Before this monster rises on his own and we lose control, we had better decide whether or not we want to complete the experiment. We may not be able to live with the results.

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