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Friday, February 11

Bitchin' Happy!

by pissed off patricia

Hey everyone, guess what? With your help we made the first cut at Wampum for The 3rd Annual Koufax Awards. We made the TOP TEN in the Best Blog Group category. Thank you, you put us there. Thank you! Thank you!

Now we need a little more of your time and effort, we need you to vote for us again. We want to win! We know the competition is tough, but we're blondes so we know all about swimming upstream. We will work hard for this and with your help, we just might make it happen.

You can vote here

And don't forget to vote for All Spin Zone for Best Blog Category

With Sincere Gratitude to all who voted for us then, and everyone who will vote for us now.
patricia (not one bit pissed today)

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