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Tuesday, February 22

Bitchin' and Snarkin'

by pissed off patricia

What's O'Reilly going to do with all his "Boycott France" bumper stickers now that we have seen Jacques Chirac and bush holding hands, or as manly men would say, shaking hands?

Why doesn't Hillary, McCain and Lieberman just all get married and produce some kids who are clueless about their party affiliation. Screw this let's all go to the middle shit. We're going left and we aren't looking back!

There is a website that is disturbing. DailyKos has an excellent comment about it and of course they're are having fun with it at Jesus' General. Here's the website that's so disturbing Like you needed to hear about something else disturbing, right?

What the hell was the secret service deal all about yesterday in Brussels? I mean inside where bush was speaking, the SS boys surrounded him while he was shaking hands with the audience. WTF? Did he think someone in that audience was going to do him harm? I didn't see anyone else with their security service running around like three times three blind mice. I guess a guilty conscience can cause a lot of paranoia.

Laura bush says she wants a chef for the white house who can showcase real American dishes, like Bar-B-Q and TexMex. TexMex? No, she wants to pander to the south and Latinos. Uh, Laura, there are a bunch more states in America besides Texas and Georgia. Plus just for the record, I don't believe Mexico is a state, well not yet anyway. Do they have oil in Mexico? Because we probably could speed up the qualifications for statehood if they can show a stream of oil oozing up somewhere.
Laura, If you're looking for real American food, try tuna flavored cat food and canned Alpo dog food. Thanks to your husbands plans, seems these two may soon be the real American dishes of last resort.

Chalabi has decided he's out of the political game in Iraq. Well, somebody decided he is out of the game. Who is writing the rules of this game? Oh yeah, that would be the US of A. The same US of A that went to war based on Chalabi's lies. Yeah, that would look a whole lot like a dirty, nasty US fingerprint on the Iraqi government if the country who paid Chalabi, flew him over there and basically covered his ass for him every time he committed a crime, put him in charge of the whole ball of wax and sand. God, even the powers in DC know that wouldn't pass the stink test even for the littlest sniffer.

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