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Thursday, February 17

9/11, New Warnings, Gannongate

It's no surprise that there are new terror warnings. What with Gannongate hitting mainstream news and the Daily Show last night, Iran and Iraq having no WMD's and dear leader itching for more war, they had to think of something now didn't they?

I read this piece in Common Dreams and got to thinking. Occassionally I like to regurgitate what it was like living here around the time of 9/11 and for months afterward. While the rest of the country was keen on bombing the shit out of Afghanistan and got back to their lives as usual, we were burying loved ones, holding vigils, being inconvenienced to the max by road blocks galore and scared shitless. We weren't scared of Aghanistanis. We were scared of bush. We were scared of the lying media. All you had to do was live here to know that the news and reality were 2 different things.

Notice that NY, Cal and DC didn't vote for bush's re-election. NYC, LA and DC are cities that are supposedly targeted by terrorists. Did no one else get the hint? No, we're not gluttons for punishment. The media hoodwinked the tv watchers.

Logic tells me that if blue states were hit by terrorists again, that would mean that the terrorists either support the bush administration or the terrorists are the bush administration. Cheney told us that we had better vote correctly or risk the danger of more terror attacks. Uh oh.

New Yorkers know what happened on 9/11 and so do informed people everywhere. We don't believe the 9/11 Commission or those other fake explanations put forth by this administration. We also know that we are at risk.

I still wonder if the 'red staters who support bush' knew what we know about 9/11 if it would make a difference?

The vilification of the blue states that was beautifully articulated by the Republicans, the MSM and hate radio personalities, is burnt into the psyche of bush supporters. They claim 9/11 as their own, as they rightfully should, yet they spit on the victims of the terror they pretend to support. feh.

Maybe foreign terrorists have read the papers and found out that the progressives in the blue states want nothing to do with bush's foreign policy. If the terrorists actually had the means to carry out a massive terror attack on their own, it should be the red staters doing the worrying. The media splashed the red state support all over the place after bushie's victory making progressives in those states furious but no one cared. Those of us stuck in the "lib'r'l" states know that we're still targets anyway.

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