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Thursday, January 27

Rice Was Confirmed Afterall

And get this - by a vote of 85-13. What a bunch of weenies we have in the Senate. Oh they'll say it's just politics. Yeah yeah.

According to this Reuters news story, Rice's confirmation reflected more opposition than any secretary of state in recent history. I suppose that is some sort of comfort. Not. Colin Powell was confirmed unanimously when it was his turn.

Bush, after the vote, said Rice will be "a great secretary of state ... I'm honored to be working with her. And I look forward to spreading freedom and peace." kissy kissy smoochy smoochy touchy feelie tongue tongue lips spread that peace baby oh yeah i like that

You can see who voted yes or no right here. I'm disgusted with my NY Senators at the moment. Spineless. They obviously ignored my letters. Let them smooch with Bush too.

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