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Monday, January 31

Polling Results:

I've come to the conclusion most people as they mature gain in attractiveness. But not so with some individuals. The photographs I have seen of George Bush in his youth display a person of reasonably handsome features. But I find myself absolutely repelled by the sight of his face whenever I come across it on TV or in the newspapers. Trying to be fair about it, I wonder to myself if I feel this way because of his simple-mindedness or his arrogance. So what I did was to take a local poll and ask a locally prominent Republican, Democrat, and the closest I could find to an Independent just exactly what they thought about Bush's looks.
Here are the results of my admittedly unscientific poll:

I. M. Kraftey (R): "Our president does not possess classically handsome features".

Phil Theefogger (D): "Oh, man! If I had a face like that, I'd powder my ass and walk backwards".

Joe Shidt the Ragman (I): "If I had face like George Bush, I'd hang it on a fence and throw shit at it".

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