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Saturday, January 29

On the verge of democracy in Iraq

I never heard of democracy being easily won so none of this really surprises me, but then again, these people are having it shoved down their throats by an occupying force from a foreign land so the whole thing is rather surreal. You Vill Haff Zee Democrazy or Vee Vill Haff to Kill You. Many Iraqi's say they are used to being scared. This gives me no solace. I've taken up praying again. Millions of Muslims just returned from Mecca. I wonder what they were praying for. I hope we are all praying for the same thing. Peace.

Can George Bush's big guns cancel out all the prayers/collective willing? If so, then which force is really on his side?

Dahr Jamail sums the rise of democracy up in High Anxiety
"Let's play a game and see how many photos we can take before we get pulled over or shot at again."

In Armored Vehicles, U.S. Troops Tell Iraqis to Vote from Reuters:
"Heavily-armed troops jump out and begin searching homes as loudspeakers blast in Arabic: "On Sunday you should go out to vote. Vote to give freedom to Iraq. Vote to save Iraq."

"There are no campaign posters in this city of 200,000 people, and several election officials have resigned after receiving death threats."

Iraqis Get Ready for the Worst
"...Even after the balloting is over, medical professionals predict, the national lockdown could have a lasting health effect on Iraq: an election-related baby boom in about nine months.

With citizens banned from the roads, shut in by the curfew and with spotty electricity making it difficult to watch TV or read, Iraqis may search for other methods to occupy their time. "

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