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Saturday, January 22

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

So the husband brought home a gas guzzler from work today: The Ford Land Destroyer. It's snowing at a rate of 2 inches/hour here so the men decided to take the Land Destroyer out for a spin. "Hey Dad, why don't we see if we can flip it over?" So off they went. One of the usual sights after a snow fall is the upside down SUV's along the roadways, so I really didn't think was very funny.

This nor'easter is supposed to turn into a blizzard later on. Blizzards are kind of interesting. It snows sideways and the wind blows the snow right up against the front door of my house so it cannot be opened until someone comes to visit with a plow or a big shovel. We do have the option of going out through the garage, which has been done and not a good idea if there are 5 ft drifts leaning against it or we can go out the back through the sliding doors but may not be able to make it around to the front of the house depending on the snow drifts. Last night it was 5ยบ. What the hell was that all about? Conspiracy theorists are wondering just how the bushistas pull this weird weather off. I fought the masses in the grocery stores this morning. 3 hours to get supplies in. I'm staying in. It's supposed to warm up by Tuesday and this will all be gone soon.

I'm being an artist this weekend. I got really into Mexican folk art when I visited the southwest, particularly little shrines or retablos. After spending a week or two ordering shrine supplies from ebay and other funky resources on the net and saving up tin containers, I am ready to start creating my version of mini shrines and that's what I have been doing today. I especially love the garish colors and the use of bottle caps to enshrine the saints, The Virgin of Guadaloupe and El Senor. And don't forget about Day of the Dead art. Oh baby. I ordered 40 mini clay skulls from Mexico and getting ready to cover my shrines with some cute little skeletons. I intend to also create mini altars for other idols such as Elvis and I Love Lucy. Then I thought, what the hell, I'll make one for that Ruben guy from American Idol too.

I'll post some photos of art I purchased and photos of my new creations one of these days. Hope you're all having a nice weekend. If you're in the northeast, get out the skis! You do have cross country skis in your garage don't you? That's the best part of bad weather.

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