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Thursday, January 20

"Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity" or Crazier than a shithouse rat

That's the verdict. Okay, where am I going with this? Well, I've studied some of the works of Dr. Teresa Whitehurst, Dr. Katherine van Wormer, Paul Levy, and Joe Bageant among others and I've come to the conclusion "the fucker's nuts". However, standing up in court and declaring, "the fucker's nuts" ain't gonna fly as far as establishing a legal opinion. No, in spite of the fact that when I punched "bush insanity" into my Google search engine I got 424,000 hits and "bush mental illness" yielded 412,000. You folks out there want a piece of the action? Here's what I suggest: start lambasting the congress with the opinions of people who've written on the subject. Look for the Ph.D.s because it swings more weight with the politicos.
If we can't get him for committing crimes against humanity we might get him for why he's committing crimes against humanity.
The website again for writing your local congressional reps is Send a copy to all the newspapers in your area also.

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