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Saturday, January 29

Jim Crow returns to the voting booth

WHAT WERE THOSE PEOPLE THINKING? I'm talking about the REST of the Dems. I mean, DAMN!
Jim Crow returns to the voting booth
Does America have apartheid vote-counting system?
Jesse Jackon and Greg Palast Seattle Post-Intelligencer 01.26.05

"This election saw an explosion in a new category of uncounted ballots: rejected provisional ballots. In Ohio alone, more than 35,000 of these votes were never tallied. Once again, the provisional ballots were cast overwhelmingly in African American precincts.

Why so many? In November, for the first time since the era of the Night Riders, one major political party launched a program of mass challenges of voters on Election Day. Paid Republican operatives, working from lists prepared by the party, fingered tens of thousands of voters in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere, questioning their right to a ballot.

One of these secret "caging lists" was obtained by BBC Television from inside Republican campaign headquarters in Florida. Every one of the voters on those sheets resided in African American neighborhoods, excepting a few in precincts of elderly Jewish voters.

These lists helped Republican poll workers challenge voters on the basis of an alleged change of address. An analysis of one roster showed that several of those facing challenge were African American soldiers whose address changed because they were shipped overseas.

Challenged voters were shunted to "provisional ballots," which, in Ohio and elsewhere, were not counted on the flimsiest of technicalities.

Who won the presidential race? Given the millions of ballots spoiled and provisional ballots rejected, the unfolding mystery of the exit polls and widespread use of electronic voting machines, we will never know whether John Kerry or George W. Bush received the most votes in Ohio and other swing states.

But we can name the election's big winner: Jim Crow.
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‘Why were there stickers on ballots in Clermont County, Ohio?’
Sorry, folks, if this is a repeat--spread the word as widely as you can!
This story hasn't died down, despite the fact that mainstream media refuses to report it.
More evidence is found of election fraud in Ohio.

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