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Wednesday, January 26

It's Too Late Baby

by pissed off patricia

This morning the news reports that more than thirty marines have been killed in a transport helicopter crash in Iraq. They don't tell us how many more than thirty. They say there was no enemy fire involved. Wonder if that story will change? More than thirty families will always remember January 26, 2005, as the day a member of their family died in Iraq. They may be asking why, I do.

Was it worth it? Was it worth the lies to get us there? Was it worth changing that country to what it is now for these thirty plus families to cry the way they will today? Was it worth the loss of these lives and so many others? My answer is resolutely, HELL NO!

If you want to argue this with me, don't bother. It's way too late for arguments. It's way too late for excuses. It's way too late for all of this and it's way, way too late for more than thirty dead marines and their mourning families. Let's bring the rest home before it's too late for them too

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